Research and Analysis of Markets and Locations

Do you need a market evaluation of your propertie’s location in Germany?

For your Real Estate decision in new or existing locations we examine local markets and create an individual opportunity/risk profile for each Real Estate. By this, you will be prepared ideally for possible developments.

Second Opinion on your Questions about the Real Estate Market

Do you need a second opinion for your committees? We analyze your estate and provide explainations about the key dependencies for success in terms of the economical, the technical and in cooperation with our partners the legal framework. Thus, you receive an independent and extensive expertise in your investment decision.

Rental Agreement Strategies

Do you need rental agreement strategies for prospective tenants? We are equipped with the necessary tools for a comprehensive and demonstrative preparation for your decision.

Optimizing operation costs

The operation costs have become more and more a quality attribute of a real estate during the recent years. This affects not only the potential tenant, but also the future investor.

80% of the apportionable costs result from energy, public expenses and services. Reason enough for us to analyze possible saving opportunities and implement measures.

For this purpose we analyze your property with our technical partners, link the results to our database and provide persuasive solutions to demonstrate the profitability of the estate for your tenants.

Structure and Improvement of your Reporting System

Our reporting is based on transparency, comprehensiveness and currentness. This creates a solid basis of information for your strategic real estate decisions.

Developing Real Estate Strategies

Real Estate Strategies are the requirement for a proper Real Estate Management. They serve all involved parties with a guideline for future actions. The significance stems from the anaylsis of the current situation as well as the development of a future oriented Real Estate positioning.

In accordance with your investment strategy we provide clear recommendations in terms of tenancy, maintenance and management – upon request with an exit strategy as well.

Our concept, technology and systems enable a deep object analysis and a valid opportunity/risk profile of your Real Estates.

In scenarios we consider the medium and long-term consequences of your strategy and adjust these to your personal return on investment goals.

Your Benefits:

You save human resources for other important projects.
We illustrate opportunities and risks.
You get a project limited capacity expansion without being endangered to lose decision control.