Successful properties offer a high occupancy rate, satisfied tenants and a marketable condition, which leads to a reasonable and long-term rate of return. A standard like this requires however a well performing and flexible real estate management.

However, the stringent separation between asset and property management in Germany´s real estate market has been pushed progressively into the background during the recent years. Instead, there is the need for a holistic management, which takes care of both, the classical property administration as well as the value orientated future of properties. Additionally, the manager is supposed to answer questions on special issues of the real estate business and required to have access to a network of prospective investors.

The interactive cooperation of our four business areas shapes the foundation of our established holistic approach. Keeping up this holistic approach in a continuous changing market is a challenge, that we successful face over and over again.

Our client base consists of financial institutions, insurance companies, closed real estate funds, institutional property owners, private investors and family offices.